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Now you are part of a Pool, together with other fellow affiliates. Bear in mind that each time they produce a commission, you lose it if you haven't activated your GPS before them.
Watch this video to see Fabrizio Perotti, co-owner of Clubshop, explaining you in simple terms how you're going to make money with your new Clubshop business.
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At Clubshop, since 1997, people activate their online Shopping Mall, to become our partner.
Open to the world, and designed to build your passive income 24/7 automatically. Your Clubshop Mall with its "Global Partner System" or GPS, can change your life starting today.
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Regardez cette vidéo de 10 minutes pour voir comment vous allez gagner comme partenaire de Clubshop!
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Guarda questo video di 10 minuti per vedere come stai per guadagnare come partner del Clubshop!
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10 easy steps to grow your Clubshop business
 "To turn on the light in a room, you just need to know that by clicking the switch on, there will be light."
You don’t need to know exactly how the electricity is created, how it’s been brought to your room, and how your light bulb transforms power into light. 

Light will be turned on, even if you don’t know how all that process and its components work. It’s more or less the same if you want to turn on your Clubshop GPS. In fact, to turn on your GPS, you don’t need to know all the technology, the know-how, and the components which make this business miracle possible. 

To get started instantly and build your Clubshop business successfully, you need to don’t need to know more than these ten easy steps:
  • Login to your Clubshop Dashboard. (NOTE: If you don't remember your ID or password, click the link "Forgot Your Password?" that you see in the login page.)
  • ​You'll see the Red button ‘Activate Your GPS. Click on it. 
  • ​In the GPS Subscription page, select the GPS pack you prefer by clicking the "Buy Now" button and complete the subscription process until your GPS is paid and activated. NOTE: you can also skip the two steps above and select your GPS directly in this page, below.
  • ​Depending on the number of Advertising monthly shares included in the pack you chose, your GPS starts to deliver your Clubshop Members in real-time, as soon as they signup. 
  • ​Your GPS works automatically for you. It optimizes your business building process as per our TNT strategy, to build the global market of real people, for your Clubshop Mall.
  • ​As soon as these people start earning cashback at hundreds of big-name stores included in your Clubshop Mall, or they activate their GPS, you start making money. 
  • ​Thanks to your GPS, your Clubshop Market keeps duplicating itself and growing with no potential limits, are well as your monthly income title. We can't make any promise of earnings, but your GPS is designed to lead you all along the path to your $6 000 monthly income. 
  • ​You can help to speed up your TNT business building process by ordering more Advertising shares, being available to assist your teammates, and being active in our Telegram and Facebook communities. 
  • ​Have Faith, Follow The Path, Never give up!
  • ​​Be happy and enjoy your passive income as much as you want!
The Yellow Brick Road
Some Of The Big-Name Stores Included In Your Online Mall:
We Provide YOU The Customers YOU Need!
Thanks to the exclusive Clubshop Business Cycle, you'll never need to struggle to get customers for your shopping mall.

Our GPS includes all that you need to run a successful online business, including ongoing global advertising campaigns included in your GPS, which provide you with a guaranteed minimum number of new potential customers and affiliates every month!
How It Works
We offer six different GPS Packs. We invest in big advertising campaigns worldwide. 

So, you can always be sure that every month, you get the guaranteed number of new potential customers included in your pack.

Each time your customers make purchases at hundreds of big-name stores, they earn cash-back, while you earn a commission. (See HOW) - (Vedi COME)

Your customers can also decide to buy their GPS services and start their business too.

In this case, not only you earn a juicy monthly commission, but you also gain a new teammate with his GPS, which contribute to speed up the business building process of your Clubshop Mall.

The infinite Clubshop Business Cycle enables everyone to gradually build a reliable online business, virtually with no effort.
You Need To Act NOW!
From The Desk Of G. Francavilla
Proprofit Worldwide Ltd.
London, UK
"We know that procrastination is the biggest enemy of wealth.

So, activate your GPS right now, to make sure you don't miss a unique opportunity which could literally change your life in just a few months.

I know that I'm not exaggerating.

You have no obligations, and you can cancel your GPS subscription whenever you want."
Why Should You Act Now?

Accumulate wealth starting today!

As an Affiliate or Trial Partner, you're already in a pool with many other affiliates like you. If you subscribe to GPS before them, you will keep all of them and all the incoming members in your organization.
The above means that you'll keep earning commissions each time they'll make a Clubshop Mall purchase or subscribe to GPS.

Otherwise, you waste all the commissions they may produce day after day, and they will also overtake you in the organization.

Now you certainly understand that it doesn't make any sense to keep wasting time and money.

So, don't wait any longer and subscribe to GPS Basic NOW!
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Clubshop Experience!
I have been with ClubShop Rewards since 2001. I believe in this company. I have saved money shopping and helped others save. I have also made money as a Partner. I enjoy working with my Team and helping them to also succeed in their business.

Deb Ling - USA
As a successful team coach, I'm assisting a large pool of people to reach their financial goals by making money from the internet. Ultimately you can take this leap of faith and securing your own destiny, full-time. With an unlimited potential income you can make money from the internet and continue to work even when you are retired. As business builders we can grow and work together as a team in order to reach our dreams.

Badrul H.A. - Singapore
Sono venuto a conoscenza di questa Meravigliosa Opportunità nell' anno 2001 grazie al mio amico, Giuseppe Francavilla. Me ne sono subito innamorato ... ❤️ 
Dopo 10 anni ho deciso di mollare tutto. Diciamo che la gestione aziendale di allora non mi soddisfaceva più.
Da giugno 2018 ho ripreso in mano IL MIO PRIMO AMORE perché l'azienda è stata rilevata proprio da Giuseppe Francavilla e da Fabrizio Perotti. Mi hanno spiegato tutto quello che vogliono fare per migliorare ancora di più questo Business e ne sono rimasto ESTASIATO!

Franco Manieri - Italia
what if you could already earn $6k+/month in 12 months?
Same Income Titles For All Our Partners:
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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